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The Twin Cam©

The Twin Cam© motor is the greatest performance platform to come out of the Motor Company© ever.  You can choose from a set of gear driven cams, to get the most out of our stock displacement power plant, or all go all the way to 124 cubic inches, using the stock engine cases!  How about something in between?  Stout 95", 97", & 98" kits available for your 88 or convert to a 4 ½" stroke to get 106 cubic inches.  Top end 106" & 107"kits for 96" motors.  We have some great tricks for the 103's and even the 110" CVO's.  WE MAKE HORSEPOWER! Many of our kits are suitable for upgrades later, without throwing good money after bad.  Let's talk about how FAST you want to go…

We carefully choose the correct combination of performance parts to get the most out of your engine's set up.  The choice of cam(s), engine displacement, compression ratio, head configuration, fuel delivery, and exhaust are just a few of the factors involved.

How does it work?

We start by sitting down with each customer, and discussing your performance goals.  We talk about your riding style, and what is important to you.  Which model of motorcycle you have, and how you use your bike are just a few of the questions needing answered.  And of course, we talk about your budget.  We don't just have a "garden variety one size fits all" performance package.  We tailor your package to you, your bike, and your budget.  We use the appropriate specialty tools to get the job done, and our Dynojet 200i Dynometer to validate our work.  A combination of our knowledge and experience, couple with performance parts from leaders in the American V-Twin industry, we can definitely put a smile on your face when you twist the throttle.

We take the performance aspect of the American V-Twin very serious.  After all, we believe a motorcycle should be focused around, well the MOTOR.  From basic changes, like upgrades to the exhaust system, hi-flow air cleaners, and improved fuel management, to complete performance engine builds with one goal in mind:



"I wanna go fast!"

                    -Ricky Bobby



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